• Question: What do you enjoy most about what you do and why?

    Asked by Eva to Rob, Imad, Fern, Christian, Carol on 19 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: Carol Wallace

      Carol Wallace answered on 19 Jun 2019:

      I like variety – in a research lab nothing is routine – we’re always trying new techniques and experiments.
      Sometimes you get a result – most of the time you don’t.
      when you get that result though it’s a brilliant feeling!

    • Photo: Fern Johnson

      Fern Johnson answered on 19 Jun 2019:

      I like knowing that what I’m doing can be of help to a person who could be sick, if not now then in the future. I like getting to learn new things every day and going to university to get additional teaching. It’s really satisfying to finish a project, or if a computer program you’ve been struggling with all day finally works!

    • Photo: Rob Ives

      Rob Ives answered on 19 Jun 2019:

      I really enjoy developing new scientists. I mentor (guide, advise) students, apprentices and early career scientists and help them to be the best scientists and people that they can be. These people are usually very enthusiastic about the choices that lie ahead of them. Being able to pass on my knowledge and experiences to others is a great thing to do, especially as when I am old, I might need these people to develop a new medicine for me 🙂